Animal Advocacy is an important part of Fix West Texas. We ask you to join us in being a voice in our community, by contacting your local representatives with your concerns and encouragement. 


Shelter Phone: (432) 685-7420
Tommy Gonzalez, City Manager
Council Members
Scott Dufford, District 1
John Norman, District 2
Jack Ladd, District 3
Amy Stretcher Burkes,  District 4
Dan Corrales, At-Large
Robin Poole, At-Large


Shelter Phone: (432) 368-3527
Council Members
Mark Matta, District 1
Steven P. Thompson, District 2
Gilbert Vasquez, District 3
Greg Connell, District 4
Chris Hanie, District 5
Denise Swanner, At-Large


City of Stanton
Shelter Phone: (432) 756-3301
Jessie Montez, City Manager: (432) 756-3301
Mayor Sally Poteet

Council Members
Leah Flanagan, District 1
James (Gib) Wheeler, District 2
James Jenkins, District 3
Steven Villa, District 4
Adrain Hernandez, At-Large

If you need to contact your City of Stanton Council Member, please call City Hall at 432-756-3301 or write to City of Stanton, Texas, P O Box 370, Stanton, TX 79782.


The City of Rankin does not have an official website. Please call Rankin City Hall at (432) 693-2474.