Fix West Texas adopts a puppy with a wound on its back

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -One puppy in Midland is now in good hands and ready to be adopted after a mysterious wound appeared on her back.

The puppy was adopted by Fix West Texas from the Midland Animal Shelter.

The city said the puppy was treated as soon as the animal shelter once they saw something was wrong with her back.

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1 thought on “Fix West Texas adopts a puppy with a wound on its back

  1. Lyn Miller

    I have a Red Heeler (1 year old) who is scheduled at Cobb’s Vet Clinic on Monday for spaying. She was dumped here and I have worked to gain her trust. She is in heat. Another young guy showed up, so I am keeping her and my other two fixed dogs in the game room and letting them out for bathroom breaks. The boy runs along the fence and has gotten into the yard once. I would like to give him away. This is very hard on my husband and me (senior citizens). My husband has Arthritis of the back bone and cannot help much. Can you help us, please?

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